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Aquarium and supplies

If you’re still scouring your neighborhood and the surrounding area for top-notch aquarium supplies, Treasures of the Sea in Riverside, California, has a complete line of reef supplements and other aquarium supplies, including the fish tanks themselves. Whether you’re looking for wave makers or a specialty frozen and dry food, we have it in our inventory. We even make house and office visits to service your aquarium

What You Need to Keep Your Fish tank Healthy and Clean

Protein skimmers are your first line of defense to keep your aquarium healthy. They keep the contaminated water clean and clear by trapping and removing unhealthy particles from your fish tank’s water.

Top-quality Fish Tank Supplies

  • Wave makers
  • Return pumps
  • Sumps and refugiums
  • Canister filters
  • Protein skimmers
  • LED lighting
  • T5 high output lighting
  • Hang-on-the-back filters
  • Frozen and dry fish food
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